Maurice the Parisian Waiter: "garcon de cafe"


Finally he got the promotion!

Waiter of the month!


An early vocation!

Few years later!

Who's Maurice? (good question!)

Eight years and counting, through clumsiness and catastrophes, Eric the waiter has remained an enigma to audiences around the world. His humor, energy and self-deprecation (more often than not, he is his OWN victim) make him irresistibly charming and able to win over any crowd. Eric takes great pride in his food and customer service and audiences far and wide unanimously praise Eric's unconventional hidden acrobatic and juggling vocations - he simply cannot help himself! His extraordinary service skills will guarantee your dining experience to be a remarkable one!




Few Places:

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Les Z'amis du Musicool Paris Cirque d'hiver


Theatro Zinzanni

San Francisco

The legend of the waiter Maurice:

 (Extract from the chef's gazette)

A dangerous waiter!

A waiter makes scandal at the Ritz spilling a soup terrine on the head of Steven Spielborg.

Last night, the Ritz Hotel hosted its 13th Annual Charity Gala for the Salvation of Unfashioned Entertainers. Many famous names from Hollywood were in attendance, among them the director and producer Steven Spielberg. Had the charity meal not been disturbed by the particularly chaotic service of a young waiter by the name of "Eric," the evening's events would have gone on as originally planned. Sources say, the young apprentice was impressed with (and distracted by) the Jet-Set that evening and found it nearly impossible to control his clumsiness.

The spectacle came to a head when Eric, gaping in awe of the Jet-Set, spilled the entire contents of a "Pistou-du-Chef" (the main course) tureen on the head of the honored guest, Mr. Spielberg. Fortunately, the great director (who is quite familiar with coronations) took the accident in humor and declared that "Eric has a gift for comedy." All the while, the famous director insisted the waiter not be fired for his assault a-la- Spielberg, but that the chef take note and make it his new special! There should be no doubt in our minds, Eric will springboard into a new career in showbusiness!


In San Francisco


Cie du dragon Bleu

Les lundis du musicool

cirque d'hiver

My champaign buckets!


Diner-shows or entertainment for diners and Cocktails . . .

  • Entertainment in French, English and German
  • Different character that can adapt to different situations: (parisian garçon de cafe, butler, old fashion waiter, etc...)
  • Juggling act (see photos)  
  • dinner-shows stage directing (Cap-vert in Dijon)


My Act


"living in a box"



I will be your "extra" waiter,


With Maurice only one spoon is enough!

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Teatro Zinzanni


The Castors (famous trio)

Cap-vert in Dijon (stage directing work)


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